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YouTubeLocDownNiyya’s Top Fav Loc Rocking Lady YouTubers

YouTube has become the go-to place for information on natural hair care. But it can be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. So here is a point in the right direction.

Check out my favorite YouTube Loc Stars for styling ideas, healthy loc care tips, great fashion/style ideas and the other antics. Of course I had to add myself to the end of the list. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for hair how-to’s and all the latest in Locs Revolution updates.

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One thought on “YouTube Loc Down

  • Renee Mills

    These ladies are wonderful. I have used many of their suggestions on my locs. Especially the baking soda remedy for cleaning buildup. A gentleman at South Ferry saw my locs a few nights ago and gave me a card for this website.He said we had to share information about our experiences with locs. I believe this. I am adding you to my YouTube subscription list. Thanks for the info.