Racism and the Black Family 3

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Yesterday I shared a picture of this family. This is the newly elected mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio,  his wife Chirlane McCray and their two children. As a New Yorker I am pleased to welcome this family to govern this city. However, yesterday’s image sparked quite a bit of controversy

Here was my response…

This is a word to everyone on this thread:

Let me be clear about what Locs Revolution is. I founded Locs Revolution with the mission of erasing the stigma of locs and natural hair through celebration, education and support.  This is the facebook page associated with that project. Here we showcase the beauty of locs and celebrate our brothers and sisters and support them. Progress is not built on hate.


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-**Facebook user**, I ask if you live in NY only because there are a lot of politics built up around this election, primarily the issue of “stop of and frisk” which was brought up by a few others on this thread.  So without an understanding of the bigger picture I can see how your first reaction would be to the mixed family. However, if we focus all our attention on that, then we miss an opportunity to do something great for our community.  Those who are in power are banking on our inability to collaborate.

Race is a social construct, created by Whites in power not only to degrade and devalue the african but also to create a false sense of power for those whites who in reality did not have any power. The best way to control the white working class was to give them white privilege. This way no matter how little they had they could find comfort in knowing they were still better than Blacks. The concept that Blacks and Whites should not mix is a product of this same brain washing. It is part of the same brain washing that keeps the “99%” broken into pieces. Racism is a strategy of divide and conquer.

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Furthermore there is no such thing as Reverse Racism. Racism is a formula of prejudice + power. Without the power that comes from wealth and the collective hierarchy built into the social structure, Black people can never be racist. Racism was not built for us. Therefore it will never work as a tool for us to advance as a people.

The only way to combat a system of division and hate is through unity and love. That is what progress really is.

So spread love.

-Niyya <3

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3 thoughts on “Racism and the Black Family

  • Nicole Williams

    Niyya, I am so with you! Anyone with this concept that black and white should not mix is a product of the same brain washing. Loved the view points in this article.

    I cam across your site because a mutual acquaintance (Island Boi) passed along your event flyer. I inboxed you on facebook.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Sophi301

    I don’t have a Facebook page so I miss a lot of what’s going on nor do I live in New York City. But, in 2014, I’d like to think people have gotten over or at least have enough sense to recognize that interracial relationship are a reality of life. They have a beautiful family…nuff said.

  • Chinua Dean

    Hello all, I am a 44 Y/O man who has been loced since I was 15, I must say I am tired of watching some of my People act like they are back in slavery, and compensating for being black, and trying hard to be everything but. I am proud of my African heritage as all people should be proud of their heritage, but Ancestors of Black, Africans seem to be the only ones still apologizing for being black, because the world has not forgiven us for being black. STOP just STOP. I don’t need to straiten my hair or chop it off to be accepted. at what point is the world just going accept that we are black, at what point are we going to accept that we are black? embrace it love it respect it, as I respect my heritage and locs. bless you all.