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“Much like my art, my locs are expressional”
-Christopher M. Davis

Christopher-M-DavisMy name is Christopher Michael Davis and I am from Natchez, Mississippi, one of the historic “River Cities”. Artistry for me is hereditary and has always been a part of my life. Graphic Layout and Design however, dominated the use of the sketchpad, canvases, pencil and paintbrushes for a long period of time; I had more interest in it at the time. It seemed as if “life” happened and took a lot of my time since designing “paid the bills”.

In November 2012, I painted my first painting since 2005. All season in 2012 someone, from time to time, would ask me “when are you going to start art again” or “when will you start drawing again?” I took notice to this and the desire began to rekindle. Eager and wanting and ready to get back into my natural God-given purpose, it became more mandatory that I take it to the next levels.

I promised myself that 2013 was the year that I would spread the seeds to give birth to a new era of life through my art and I would continue to pursue the passion to create. This came to be known as “the Artist Renaissance.” 2013 is the first year that I’ve really painted “fluently” in about 9 or 10 years since high school. Painting became spiritually therapeutic and it was MUCH needed!


On Friday, September 20, 2013 the CMBK Art Show happened! CMBK is an abbreviation of my name that includes words that express the true meaning of my full name – Christopher Michael Beloved King. Davis is the surname for “David” which references to “King” David from the biblical era. Davis’ dual meaning is “Beloved”. Christopher Michael is another story.

So far I’ve produced at least 75 pieces of art from January, Graduation Season, and mass produced during the summer up to now. A few were created as gifts and some, of course, for that spiritual outlet that every living thing needs. I am working on two lines of collections of art stay tuned to see what they will become and how they will develop.


Christopher’s Loc Story


1229952_509018155849904_257076140_nI’ve been loc’d for 4 years, as of  September 27, 2013.

I must admit that I did love my comb twists before I did locs. I would get them for special occasions, etc. Before I began the comb twists and locs, I rocked cornrows, which everybody pretty much loved. I would draw the design that I wanted and my god-sister would braid them for me. After a while for so long I started thinking about loc’n my hair.

To be honest, at first I never would even consider the style because I just couldn’t wrap my mind around having my hair matting together and not being able to undo the process, or so I thought. I was uneducated about it, but as I grew more and more involved with hair care etc. I understood better. I also didn’t like them because wearing locs had become another fad or trend for many young men, which I tend to NOT follow. For me, almost everything I do must have meaning and purpose. I’m glad that I have kept my locs and I have an appreciation for them.

I really dislike for someone to make comments like “I see ya lil Wayne” or some other ridiculous assumptions to why I have locs. They are roads to spiritual journeys and have more significance for me other than just “looking good”. By NO means do I want to be any rapper; I am “me.” Locs are universal and are not a just Jamaican or rapper thing. My choice of hair “style” is a representation of wisdom; wisdom that began from “mending/healing” (matting), “longevity/long life” (length) and “patience/endurance for things that just happens” (years of caring for them).

1488072_228536297320507_239128422_nAs far as I can tell this process has calmed me tremendously from being trapped in “everyone else’s box” and thoughts and opinions, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and all the blah blah blah commercial stereotypes many feed into. I am my own man and person.

Much like my art, my locs are expressional. Though I have stumbled across individuals of different ethnicities that truly dislike my hair, I have found just as many, if not more that love them. How they effect my daily is almost unclear; why, because no matter how anyone feels or what they may say, it is mandatory that they understand and KNOW that “I DO NOT pray to them at night or any hour of the day.”

Love the image that you are created in!


Christopher Michael Davis




IG, Tango, Skype, Oovoo, Kik – CMbelovedKing

Twitter – @LiftedByLife

"Fearless" by Christopher M. Davis

by Christopher M. Davis

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