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Jennifer Wilkescover“Having locs has provided me more courage to present
exactly who I am to anyone I meet.”
-Jennifer Wilkes


Locs Revolutionary Jennifer WalkesJennifer Wilkes, CEO & Founder, COLD Consulting

Jennifer speaks about COLD Consulting

COLD Consulting was founded in 2011 in Atlanta, GA. I learned very early that communication, leadership, and service were my strong points.  And eventually, I realized they all made up my purpose.  I saw a person’s potential and their need to communicate more effectively.  I wanted to help people develop more profound relationships with themselves so that they could create better relationships with others.  I witnessed how people allowed challenges in their personal life to spill into their business and vice versa.  Honestly, it was motivating because I knew there was a more effective way to live and be profitable.

Having a diverse background in communication from radio to politics, and after going through graduate school I knew that there was a way to bring it all together in a unique and yet transforming way.  I didn’t want to only help people with their personal affairs or just help professionals organize their business.  No journey is the same.  However, a solid communication foundation is always important to produce lasting results that are transferable.  I wanted to be able to offer coaching that was not only wholesome, but transformational.  Hence, I created COLD Consulting.

C.O.L.D. stands for Communication, Organizational and Leadership Development.  Through these three basic principles, I guide individuals, groups, and businesses towards creating uniquely new environments.  My coaching approach is direct and non-traditional with a stylistic flare.  Most people refer to me as “The COLD Coach,” but don’t let that be intimidating.  Transformation requires refreshing energy that will bring new perspectives on situations.

I believe change is not enough.  If we are truly serious about living a purposeful life and living it with passion, we must activate our own transformation.

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Services include: 

  • Transformational Life Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Corporate Communication Development
  • Organizational Development and Restructuring
  • Leadership Development

(All services are available for children, adults, families, organizations, and businesses)

For more on COLD Consulting visit


Jennifer’s Loc Journey

13565_337697690612_2770562_n (1)I started my locs in 2000.  I was tired of looking like all the other girls.  I was learning more about natural and organic living, so I knew relaxers were not healthy for my hair or my body.  I’ve had only one relaxer my entire life.  At the time, I didn’t fully realize that I was going through my first intense awakening.  I wanted my uniqueness within to show.  I was probably the only female to have locs in the area where I lived.  There weren’t many males with locs either, besides my brother.  Watching him grow his locs was very inspiring for me.  My parents were also very open to it.  It was a daring act that I was content with.  I did it for no one but myself.

I’ve noticed that having locs feeds a sense of mystery for a lot of people.  People seem to be intrigued and engaged because seeing locs gives them something unique to pay attention to.  To my awareness, my locs have never prevented me from getting a job or connecting with people of different backgrounds or ethnicities.

Having locs has provided me more courage to present exactly who I am to anyone I meet.  I can’t cover them up and pretend for someone to like me more.  They’re a part of me.  


hair whipI have always felt welcomed initially by my spirit and not by my hair.  One of my clients told me that when she met me, she automatically felt that I was inviting and easy to talk to because I didn’t seem “tailored”.  I feel that I’m able to engage a wider audience because I don’t appear to be stiff.  My locs serve as an external expression of my spirit of freedom.  People are attracted to freedom.

It is perfectly okay to be free and be you.  Being natural doesn’t mean you have to be boring, but quite the opposite.  A natural lifestyle involves listening to the Creator within and allowing that energy to guide you instead of the energy of conformity.  Remember that you owe no one an apology for your hair – not its length, texture, color or style.  Locs is a way of embracing my wholeness and uniqueness.  Embracing your wholeness not only sets you a part from others, but it allows you to give yourself authentic joy.

Jennifer is also a Season 5 Natural Girls Rock Ambassador.
Click here to learn more about Natural Girls Rock 

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4 thoughts on “Locs Revolutionaries Feature 2: Jennifer Wilkes

  • Linda Booker

    I met Jennifer about two years ago, the first thing I got to see was her character! Well spoken with a twist. I look for thing in someone when I first meet them.. I was so impressed with this young and pretty girl. I want you to know that I am so proud of you!! Please keep God at the front of what every you are doing… The sky is the limit, keep going, let nothing stop you. Stay Focus on everything around you, and know that Love is all a round you.. The most powerful thing on this planet. Love You, Ms Booker

    • Jennifer Wilkes

      Thank you for reading, Brenda! I wish you love and peace on your journey. Your loc journey is a direct testament to your life’s journey. Remember to be transformed, not only by their appearance, but by what they represent for you. <3 -Jennifer