Locs Revolutionaries Feature 3: Patrick Marcelino


“Wear the crown that you deserve.
You’re born into royalty!”

-Patrick Marcelino

1458675_10202805304994381_54587979_nPatrick Marcelino, Co-founder of Abioye Clothing

Patrick speaks about Abioye Clothing

I started this brand in the summer of June 2013, in Rotterdam, Holland. It started with the idea that everybody in this world, could find a beautiful and proud piece of him/herself back in their clothing. After a long time of thinking and reasoning about this concept with my good friend Brooke Holmes, the name Abioye came to mind. In the Yoruba culture the name “Abioye” literally means, “born into royalty.” We wanted to let every person know that, no matter your race, ethnicity, sex etc., you are royal in every way. KINGS & QUEENS! You should be proud and aware that the universe chose you to be here!

I choose a name of Yoruba origin because of the connection I feel with Africa and my

motherland Brazil, where the Yoruba culture still lives through the people of African decent and cultural aspects like Candomblé.




561483_134732276737284_2040511154_nThe logo of Abioye consists of Adinkra symbols, which originate from Ghana. I also feel a strong connection to Ghana though my mother. She exposed me to the Ghanaian culture. Each of these symbols has their own meaning.


NYAME NTI: By God’s grace. Symbol of faith and trust in God

ESE NE TEKREME: The teeth and the tongue Symbol of friendship and independence

AKOFENA: Sword of war Symbol of courage, valor and heroism

Collectively they come together to represent the essence of the Abioye brand.


Patrick’s Loc Journey

1380354_10202256107584789_1106515965_nI started growing my locks four and a half years ago after coming back from a four day reggae festival in the Netherlands called: Reggae Sundance. Before then, my friends and I would always reason about our roots, history, present daily situations, Kemet , various movements ,Rastafari, etc and listen to a lot of reggae music. It was in that period of my life that my love for dreadlocks really started to grow.

The reason why I grew my locs was because I wanted to be a living statue that can be seen by my people. Here in Holland you have big statues everywhere, Alexandre this, Piet Heijn there, Queen bla bla over there. I just got sick of it. In my eyes, they are all murderers and bad political people. Nothing good about them! So I decided to be my own statue that can be seen by the people. I always try to be a good and inspiring example for society. Now when people see me they see my roots. I hope it will inspire them to become conscious of various things in life, whatever it may be. As long it’s not related to the murder, crimes and slave drivers like what the Dutch statues represent.

My loc journey has affected the success of my business a very positive way. I have found that my locs attract the people I would like to attract. It has given me much more confidence in everything that I do and it connects me more and more to my business.

I would say to the readers, think twice before you grow your locs. It’s not a fashion thing. It’s a way of life. Wear the crown that you deserve. You’re born into royalty!

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