Loc Appreciation Day

What is Loc Appreciation Day?

Loc Appreciation Day falls on the forth Saturday in June. It was first celebrated in 2011, on YouTube as a concept presented by vlogger QOchemist. (shown to the right) She felt that there was little attention being paid to locs in the world of natural hair. So she created Loc Appreciation Day (LAD) as a day for all people to take time, regardless of their hair type, to appreciate locs.

Each year a logo contest is held to determine an image that will represent the year’s festivities. That image is then featured on an array of promotional items available for purchase. Individuals celebrate by organizing local meetup events, hosting giveaways on their social media channels or submitting video clips.  Video clips are sent in from all around the world showcasing messages for loc appreciation. Submissions are then streamed into collaboration videos and added to a single playlist.

Each year Loc Appreciation Day continues to grow showcasing the beauty of locs and loc culture to the world. It is clear representation of the power of social media to unite the masses.
Click here for info on the New York City event

View the collaboration videos from Loc Appreciation Day Below. For more info stay tuned for www.locappreciationday.com coming New Years 2014