Moisture LOC: Event Recap 2

On Sept 22, 2013 Locs Revolution hosted Moisture LOC, a workshop meetup on moisturizing your hair. Guest presenters included Yannie the Locologist, ILoveMyFro!  and IMENA Salon. Each presenter shared information on varies techniques for adding moisture to natural hair. From hot oil treatments to steaming the information shared benefited  attendees […]

The “New” Natural

From Bob Marley’s locs to Angela Davis’ famous fro. For the Black community, wearing your natural hair has been a symbol of proud African origin and a statement of resistance against Eurocentric ideals and repression. But not all naturals wear their hair as a political statement. Today natural hair has […]

Locs vs. Dreads

Locs vs Dreads : Linguistic segregation of hair terminology. Dreadlocks, Dreads, Locs, Dreadhead, Rasta and the list goes on. I have heard all of these terms used interchangeably to refer to my hair. I don’t always make a point of correcting people but these words are not all the same. […]

10 Tips for Healthy Loc Maintenance

Here are a few tips to avoid loc damage and promote healthy growth: (In no particular order) 1) Don’t over-twist– This can be hard. Particularly, if you work in the white collar industry or are in the early stages. Try to be patient. Over-twisting will lead to thinning at the root. […]